Passion Tea: A Natural Aphrodisiac

BuddhaTeas Passion Tea for Aphrodisiac

Experiencing issues with a low sexual drive is a more common problem than many people are aware of. There are many choices out there when it comes to natural aphrodisiacs that are available to us. Among these choices, passion tea is also fairly popular to use for increasing a low sexual drive.


Since passion tea is a natural organic option, it makes this tea a much better alternative to certain pills and medications which can come with unwanted side effects.

Causes of Low Sex Drive

There are many things that can lead to a low sex drive, which can make it difficult to pinpoint an exact cause. Certain medications, stress, and emotional or relationship issues can decrease libido in both men and women. Although a majority of the causes as emotional, sometimes problems can be a result of a physical problem as well. For men, issues like erectile dysfunction can lower self-esteem, which can affect libido in many negative ways. In women, things such as menopause can be a common cause of a low sexual drive as well

How Passion Tea Helps

Research on passion tea has proven that the aphrodisiac qualities of this tea can help increase sexual drive. A study that had been undertaken in 2003 showed positive effects of the use of passion tea for improving sexual drive. Drinking it was shown to increase sexual function, sperm count, and fertilization potential as well. This is due to a chemical known as benzoflavone, which is found present in passion tea. There is also a chemical found in passion tea which is known as chrysnin. This chemical is also well-known for increasing testosterone levels which can help aid a low sex drive. For this reason, many people who are experiencing trouble with a low sex will drink this tea to help boost their libido and sexual function.

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