Passion Tea for Asthma

BuddhaTeas Passion Tea for Ashtma

The passion vine, also known as Passiflora vine, has many soothing and sedative effects on the body when made into a tea. These effects are what make it essential for treating problems such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Many people are not aware that the sedative qualities of this tea also make it great for treating stubborn coughs and other health issues such as asthma.

Drinking this tea can help to soothe the system and reduce coughing and wheezing in patients that suffer from symptoms of asthma.

Overview of Asthma

Asthma is a disease that affects the lung and air passages that prevents air from moving properly through the airways. This disease is a chronic illness that causes uncomfortable symptoms such as difficulty breathing, tightness, pain, and coughing. The development of this illness can start in later years, though there are some asthma patients that are also born with this disease. Things that can trigger an asthma ‘attack’ are circumstances such as weather, exposure to smoke or air borne chemicals, or infections and illnesses. Although there are treatments to control asthma, there is no way to completely cure a patient of this life long illness.

How Passion Tea Helps

Although more evidence is needed to understand exactly how passion tea relieves asthma, many people believe it is contributed by the sedative and soothing effects this tea has on the body. Drinking passion tea is a good way to reduce anxiety and stress which are both factors that can increase the effects of asthma. Drink one to two cups of this tea a day as necessary in order to rid symptoms related to this illness.

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