Passion Tea for Opiate Withdrawal

BuddhaTeas Passion Tea for Opiate Withdrawal

Addictions to substances like opium can be detrimental and attempting to quit the addiction can be a difficult process filled with painful withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, passion tea is a natural way that can help reduce these symptoms, making it easier to escape the binds of a painful opium addiction.

Passion tea can be an excellent way to help calm and soothe the body, while simultaneously offering pain relief which can make the entire process far easier than it would be otherwise.

Symptoms and Effects of Withdrawals

Although opium has a pain relieving effect on the body, it reduces the body’s ability to create natural endorphins which is what leads to opium dependencies. Once the body has grown a dependency to opium, quitting the use of it can lead to unwanted withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, restlessness, nausea, and sweating among other digestive problems. Another fairly common withdrawal symptom is that users who are trying to stop their dependency of opium end up have more difficulty resisting feelings of pain in the body.

Using Passion Tea

Since withdrawing from opium can be a painful and difficult process, many people will look to ways to ease opium dependency. Studies have shown that drinking passion tea can help reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms in opium users. This tea has therapeutic effects on the body that help reduce feelings of pain due to opiate withdrawal.

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